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Bruno Speck Award 2017
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Bruno Speck Award

Bruno Speck Award 2017

Basic research:
Dr. Philipp Hoppe - Group of Timm Schroeder in D-BSSE ETH, in Basel.
Publication: “Early myeloid lineage choice is not initiated by random PU.1 to GATA1 protein ratios”

Hoppe PS, Schwarzfischer M, Loeffler D, Kokkaliaris KD, Hilsenbeck O, Moritz N, Endele M, Filipczyk A, Gambardella A, Ahmed N, Etzrodt M, Coutu DL, Rieger MA, Marr C, Strasser M, Schauberger B, Burtscher I, Ermakova O, Bürger A, Lickert H, Nerlov C, Theis FJ and Schroeder T
published in
Nature 535:299-302 (2016).

Clinically-oriented research:
Dr. Marcus Mumme and Dr. Andrea Barbero
- Group of Marcel Jakob, Ivan Martin and Dirk Schaefer in the Orthopedic Department and the Department of Biomedicine, University Hospital Basel.
Publication: “Nasal chondrocyte-based engineered autologous cartilage tissue for repair of articular cartilage defects: an observational first-in-human trial”

Marcus Mumme*, Andrea Barbero*, Sylvie Miot, Anke Wixmerten, Sandra Feliciano, Francine Wolf, Adelaide M Asnaghi, Daniel Baumhoer, Oliver Bieri, Martin Kretzschmar, Geert Pagenstert, Martin Haug, Dirk J Schaefer, Ivan Martin, Marcel Jakob
*shared first authorship
published in
Lancet 388:1985–94 (2016).